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Did you know ... ?

Sorry if I'm boring you by now. :P
Just thought I'd share something else - but not a picture this time. :)
Did you know that the writers had a little scene planned out, but couldn't think of anywhere to put it? It was something like this, if my memory serves me correctly (I can't remember where I heard this, some interview or something.)

*Ted drops a huge pile of toothpicks*
Dougal: 9975!
Ted: What?
Dougal: 9975!
*Ted gets on his knees and starts counting the thousands of toothpicks*
*Fade out, then in again*
Ted: 8037 ... 8038 ... 8039 ... 8040. 8040! Not even close!

Haha, it made me laugh. I can just imagine it. It's such a shame they didn't put it in anywhere. :D
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